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Keeping a dog in the fast paced 21st century is not easy. We help you through this, so you will not only keep a dog, but make it a family member. We teach you how to communicate with your dog, and how to build an environment around you that is more liveable for you, and your dog. Make your dog really your best friend!

Has your dog ever done something unexpected, attacked other animals or even people? Did you find him/her lying on your bed when you came home? Were you ever surprized to see that your dog ate your leftovers you left on the table? We are here to make you understand why it did what he/she did.

A dog is not only a furry thing that you can cuddle with if you want to. It is a living thing, that needs caring, attention, has his/her own personality, and therefore requires personal treatment. Our main goal is to help people be able to communicate with their dogs, teach them how to make their life better, as well as their owns. We want to lead you to a new aspect of dog keeping, you might have not been aware of: 80% of the problems you have with your dog has actually nothing to do with it, but with you. We even provide our well-trained therapeutic dogs to help you through these situations. If you really want to help yourself, and first of all, your dog, then contact us on the given phone number or e-mail address.

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